Weight Loss Contest

Join our veteran trainer Sherry Krause by entering our Weight Loss Contest! This 8 week course is a fun, competitive, and challenging way to shed that stubborn body fat, and potentially get paid to do so!

Our course is comprised of 24 group exercise classes, nutritional guidance, weekly weigh ins, body composition analysis, and coaching for the 8 week duration. There will be 3 workouts a week, with the days/times being Tuesday, and Thursday at either 7am, or 7pm. And Saturday at 7am. You may choose either time to workout on Tuesday, and Thursday, but may only take one class a day.

The initial meeting will break down how the classes will be structured, expectations, body measurements, and your first weigh in. As well as some nutritional insight that you will use during the course.

The prize pay outs are guaranteed with a minimum of 12 participants.

The cost of the contest is $400, and you may split your payments in two with one being due at sign up, and the other at the 4 week mark. 

To register, please visit the front desk at The Gym.

Our next weight loss contest is to be determined

If you have any questions please email at rheary@thegymtraversecity.com.